Five Gallons

Imagine with me a moment.

Imagine you are carrying groceries in from your car.  Now imagine you bought five gallons of milk (or water) and had to carry them all at once.  Now imagine you had to carry them all day long, every day.  Imagine walking up stairs with them, bringing them to the gym, carrying them to work.

Now imagine the feeling of finally letting them go.  Setting them down would be such a relief after carrying them for so long.

One gallon of milk weights 8 lbs.  I have now lost 40 lbs, or 5 gallons of milk.  I’m no longer carrying them.  And it feels good.

I am, however, still carrying about 19 more gallons of milk than I am comfortable with.  It’s gonna feel so good to put those down.


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advocare distributor (4 years ago)

That is a great analogy! Adults don’t need milk anyway and the milk that we even take in is not digestable without a large magnesium intake.

I was once told that Americans smell like sour milk because of all the dairy that we take .

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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