Gym Motivation – It’s Elementary, My Dear

I’m going to let my readers in on a secret:  It is very difficult for me to motivate myself to go to the gym.  I tried so many “tips and tricks for getting motivated” that I was beginning to believe I was beyond motivating.  I went to the gym sometimes, of course.  Every day for a week, and then only once the next.  But unlike the changes I made to my diet, going to the gym was not yet a lifestyle.

So I had to figure out what was causing my lack of gym motivation.  I like working out.  I always feel sexy (and very sweaty) afterward.  I always feel proud of going.  So why wasn’t I going every day?

The answer:  because I was not holding myself accountable in any way.  People always tell you to go with a buddy.  It sounds so simple.  But what if you don’t HAVE a buddy with a compatible schedule and the same type of goals?  It’s not so simple for everyone.  Some people said to put a dollar in a jar every time I go, and when I get to a certain amount, I get to buy myself something.  Which would be fine if I ever had cash on me.

I was once a music teacher.  I studied the great art of motivation.  During my student teaching, the elementary music teacher had a simple chart that was a way of earning rewards.  They could earn stickers for good behavior, and at a certain number of stickers they earned a “game day.”  For some reason I was thinking of this system, and I realized I could amend it for my own personal goals.

Workout Motivation Gym Motivation Motivating yourself to go to the gym

It’s so simple.  A calendar I printed online for free.  A few dollars invested in stickers.  A sticker for each day I go to the gym.  With my new system, if I work out 3 times a week, I earn a day of eating at maintenance (Saturday).  If I work out 14 times in 4 weeks, I get to buy myself something.

So yay!  Gym motivation!  It appears to be working!  I never thought that simple stickers could motivate me to go to the gym, but I appear to be no different from elementary students — motivated by shiny stickers and a physical feeling of satisfaction.


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