Low Calorie Recipes: Two Summertime Salads

Can I just say that I love Summertime produce? For my taste buds, Summertime brings the best flavors around. It makes it easy to pull out some easy weeknight meals. Better yet, these low calorie recipes that feature Summertime produce are so yummy! They are easy enough to whip up for lunches and weeknight dinners, but also wonderful enough to bring to your favorite picnic, barbecue, potluck, or other food-oriented event.

Be the envy of the picnic and be able to proudly say “Oh this? ¬†Yeah, I just threw it together quick.”

Watermelon Feta Mint Salad

Low Calorie Recipe Watermelon Feta Mint Picnic Salad Summertime Recipe

This is the ultimate fresh version of mixing salty and sweet.


I like to kick it simple.


Dice the watermelon. Crumble the feta. Chop the mint. Mix it all together. Have a nap.

Nutrition Info

Entire recipe makes 12 delicious servings. Nutrition data is presented per serving.

  • Calories: 173
  • Fat: 7g
  • Carbs: 20.3g
  • Protein: 7.3g



Low Calorie Cucumber Picnic Salad

Low Calorie Recipe Cucumber Picnic Salad Summertime Recipe


This recipe takes mere minutes to make, but it is so good, people will be begging you for the recipe.


Slice cucumber thin with mandolin slicer. Mix all ingredients except cucumbers together. Toss cucumbers with sauce. Refrigerate overnight or for a few hours. Please note: You will look at this and think to yourself “That is not enough sauce!” and have the urge to make more sauce. When it sits overnight, the water from the cucumber will mix with sauce and you will wake up with a LOT more sauce than you think.

Nutrition Info

Entire recipe makes 4 delicious servings. Nutrition data is presented per serving.

  • Calories: 20
  • Fat: .1g
  • Carbs: 3.7g
  • Protein: .8g

There you have it! Two recipes for a fresh healthy Summer while creating a fresh, healthy you!


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