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A fun tidbit of information for my blog readers who don’t know me in non-cyber life:  I am a classically trained singer.  I would say it’s not as cool as it sounds, but I’m pretty proud of my training.  I took voice lessons since around 7th grade all the way through my graduation with my bachelor’s degrees in Vocal Performance and Vocal Music Education.  If you know any classical musicians on any instrument, you know that we know what it means to be dedicated and put in slow, methodical work toward a goal.  I am working on transitioning these skills to weight loss.

Anyway, the reason I bring it up is not to tell you the benefits of being a classical musician during a recession.  It is to tell you that MUSIC is an important part of my weight loss.  I set out today to create an amazing, inspiring, lifechanging workout mix.

Opera won’t really do for this.  As much as I love singing it, it isn’t ideal for driving a workout.  So I went to my second favorite genre: Musical Theatre.  I have to warn you that these are not all shiny happy songs, and there is some swearing during this mix, should you choose to adopt it.

Then of course, since I am a musician, I sorted them by tempo to create the effect I wanted, and also had to make sure no songs that were put together had any really jarring key changes that would throw off my system.  Quite a process.

Below are my picks for a 57 minute workout playlist, with commentary on each song, because I talk a lot.

“Seize the Day” – Newsies Original Movie Cast (Christian Bale as a kid.  D’awwww!)
Starts slow and then picks up and has a great energy.  Perfect for an opener / energizer.  I also like the message that “Now is the time to seize the day” in terms of a workout.  Working out is really about seizing every day.

“Bring on the Men” – Jekyll and Hyde (Gothic Musical Thriller Album)
Okay, so the tempos go all over the place.  This is still in the warmup phase of the workout.  But I love this song SO HARD.  It’s my sexy song.  And what is working out if not prepping yourself to be sexy?  So let’s bring on the men!

“The Bitch of Living” – Spring Awakening
This song is amazing for working out!  It contains profanity… as you can see from the title.  I really chose because it has a great driving beat.  Also, I can’t get through the line “Looks so nasty in those khakis” without giggling.

“Brand New Day” – Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog
Another great driving beat.  And Neil Patrick Harris in my ear just makes me want to be Legen….. wait for it…. dary.  And it is a song about becoming an evil badass.  And working out is about becoming a total badass.

“The Temple” – Jesus Christ Superstar (2000 edition)
There’s really no true significance of the text of this song to working out, it just has an awesome driving beat and guitars… you must not forget the importance of guitars in getting the blood pumping.

“Do the Necronomicon” – Evil Dead The Musical
This song is a dance song from Evil Dead, which is hysterical.  And MORE GUITARS!!!!!!!  It’s about zombies dancing.  “Deddites always like to get their freak on, and when we get together we do the Necronomicon.”  Rockin’ tempo that will make you sweat, this ramps up the intensity a little bit in terms of the workout.

“Rent” – Rent (I used the original cast, but use whichever you like.)
I confess, I am not a huge RENT fan, but I have loved this song since first I heard it when I was a kid.  It will again, ramp up the intensity.  Those opening drum beats, and, you guessed it, a rockin’ guitar part makes this one of the fastest tempos in the whole list.  It’s just nonstop drive.

“Man Up” – The Book of Mormon
First of all, The Book of Mormon is recommended for everyone with a terrible, horrible, going-to-hell sense of humor.  This song, while yes, is hysterical, is about finding your inner courage when faced with something you want to quit.  A great message for this point of the workout.  Favorite lines: “No Jesus dug down deep knowing what he had to do / when faced with his own death, Jesus knew that he had to Man up.  Christ, he manned up.  He crawled up on that cross and he stuck it out.”  Also “Just like Jesus, I’m growing a pair.”  And while I’m not a man, sometimes even women need to man up.

“Whipped into Shape” – Legally Blonde The Musical
If this isn’t on every single musical theatre fan’s workout play list… why the fuck not?  It’s a workout song with a perfect tempo.  Perfect for about halfway through the workout.  The text rocks.  Just the whole thing.  “Do you want an easy miracle?  Do you want to lose a pound or two?  Then you can turn this off right now, my workout’s not for you.  I’m talking to the woman who wants it all, gotta pay for what you get, ’cause size two clothes don’t come to those too lazy to sweat.”  PUT IT ON YOUR PLAYLIST!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!  “What does not kill us makes us HOTTER!”  In the stage show, they jump rope during most of this song.

“Epiphany” – Sweeney Todd (Yes, I used the Johnny Depp version.  Don’t hate.  I prefer the orchestrations)
Kind of a dark one, since he is having the epiphany that everyone deserves to die and that people are kind of shit.  Maybe it’s a good epiphany to have if some skinny bitch eyeballs you at the gym?  Driving tempo, blah blah blah.

“Bad Horse Chorus & Bad Horse Chorus Reprise” – Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog
Because I want to be an achiever, like Bad Horse.  The thoroughbred of sin?  I meant Ghandi.  Just something fun and upbeat after a few darker songs.

“Gorgeous” – The Apple Tree  (Barbara Harris version.  Has more energy than the KChen version.)
No guitars, no rock soundtrack, just pure message.  This song is about a transformation… into gorgeous.  “I was positive this creature was there inside the old me, all bottled up waiting to get free.”  It is pretty much impossible to listen to this song and not get caught up in feeling gorgeous yourself.  This is my sing-into-a-hairbrush song.

“Ya Got Trouble” The Music Man (I used Seth MacFarlane’s version.  You can use the original movie version as well.  Under no circumstances should you use the Matthew Broderick Version.)
Super Tempo!!!!  With a capital T!

“Step in Time” – Mary Poppins (Movie version.)
Do what the man says!  Step in time!  Holy shit is that a workout!  Can someone please remix this song with some sort of awesome clubbin’ beats?  I’m not even the clubbin’ type (like, at all) but I know this would be EPIC!

“Wind It Up: – Gwen Stefani
I know what you’re thinking.  “That isn’t musical theatre!”  And you’re right.  But it incorporates “The Lonely Goatherd” from Sound of Music and is just hot sex in your ears.  Wait, that came out wrong.   Definitely a high energy song.  “Let the beat wind you up and don’t stop until your time is up,”

“Bend and Snap” – Legally Blonde The Musical
“Look at my ass at my thighs.  I’m catnip to the guys.”  Another Legally Blonde pick because I could really just use the whole soundtrack as a workout playlist.  “I’m to rockin’ to lock away.”

“We Beseech Thee” – Godspell (2011 Cast)
I added this at the recommendation of a google search.  But I am so glad I did.  I guess the cast was jumping around on trampolines during this song.  This song is just so upbeat and happy.

“Tomorrow Is a Latter Day” – The Book of Mormon
Book of Mormon
 appears again on my list.  I am cutting the slow dialogue at the beginning.  I really love this song both because of tempo and because it gets you pumped up for tomorrow’s workout before you finish today’s!  Yeah, there are some pretty offensive lines again, but… you know.  If you really can’t handle the text, “You can’t stop the beat” would fit nicely into this spot, and is in fact, the song that this song nods to.  OH!  In addition to cutting the slow dialogue at the beginning, you can also cut everything after “What will the future bring?… I can almost see it now.”  (Basically the “Hello” Reprise.)  I didn’t cut it, but you certainly can.

“The Impossible Dream” – Man of La Mancha
My cool down song.  Chosen for inspirational text.  “To dream the impossible dream.  To fight the unbeatable foe.  To bear with unbearable sorrow.  To run where the brave dare not go.”  “To strive when your arms are too weary.  To reach the unreachable star.  This is my quest.  To follow that star.  No matter how hopeless, no matter how far.”  “To be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause.  And I know if I’ll only be true to this glorious quest that my heart will lie peaceful and calm when I’m laid to my rest.”  “That one man, scorned and covered in scars still strove with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable star.”  So now that I have quoted literally 80% of the song, is it even possible for someone to walk away from that song and not be inspired to keep fighting?

So there you have it!  The perfected musical theatre geek playlist.  What’s in your ears when you work out?



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Betty Taylor (4 years ago)

It took me a few days to get you added to the Weight Loss Blog Directory. Sorry, I overlooked it! Welcome to the weight loss blog family. Would you like to be featured on my blog soon. If you would like to write a post let me know. It seems to help get others to find you and support is great.

    eventuallyformerfatty (4 years ago)

    I’d love to. Any specific topic? Keep in mind that I am extremely new to the weight loss thing.

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