Review: The Greek Yogurt Alfredo Sauce Cookbook

Around a year ago, I was looking for some ways to “health up” some of my favorite recipes. I was discouraged because I missed some of my favorite foods and felt like I might never get to have them again, or only get them if I was “cheating.”

One of the things I missed was a nice creamy alfredo sauce over some damn noodles. I thought to myself “what will give me a similar texture for fewer calories and maybe some more protein.

I had been hearing a lot about Greek yogurt as a replacement for ingredients in recipes, and on a lark, I googled “Greek Yogurt Alfredo.”

BOOM. Craving satisfied.

A blogger at Far From Normal had a recipe that looked promising. I decided to give it a go, and… SUCCESS! It was delicious!

For the original recipe, I will let the comment I left one year ago speak for itself:

I won’t lie. I didn’t expect much from this recipe. I am not a huge fan of greek yogurt in general, but I have used it successfully a few times, so I decided to give it a shot in hopes that maybe it might be another sauce option for when I exhaust my other go-tos.

My expectations were exceeded! This was DELICIOUS. I think I actually prefer it to the full fat version you buy in a jar, and that is not a compliment I throw out just willy nilly.

The author of this recipe contacted me a few weeks ago to let me know she was publishing an entire cookbook based on the recipe that many had loved and lauded. She gave me the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the cookbook, and I am thrilled to share my thoughts with you.

My review of “The Greek Yogurt Alfredo Sauce Cookbook”

Initially I thought an entire cookbook based upon one ingredient might be somewhat overkill. I thought “How many recipes can there really be for greek yogurt alfredo sauce?”

Turns out, a lot!

Author Krista Romano starts the cookbook with the original sauce recipe, and very helpfully offers a variety of substitutions to that original recipe that can be made based on personal taste or dietary needs. From there, the author branches out to include several delicious variations to this sauce, my favorite of which is the pesto alfredo.

Then the author offers a variety of tasty, family-friendly recipes that show just how versatile her recipe can be as an ingredient. She takes you to appetizers, soups, pizzas, pastas, vegetables, and much more. Though I confess I have not tried every recipe in the book quite yet, the ones I have tried have been excellent. A real favorite is the Alfredo Spinach Soup, which is the perfect wintertime comfort meal. Yum yum yum.

My only criticisms of the cookbook have nothing to do with the recipes themselves. The formatting of this e-book is a little rough around the edges, and the food photography could have been staged just a bit more delicately, but I am willing to forgive those fairly minor transgressions. After all, you don’t buy a cookbook for the reading experience, you buy it for the food! And the food is what makes this one a WIN.

I want it!

How do you buy this yummy cookbook that is sure to inspire your alfredo-loving self? It is available through the author’s website via this link.


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Krista (1 year ago)

Thank you for your review!! I love it & so appreciate you writing it, I’m glad you liked the soup, it’s one of our favorites!

Bethany (1 year ago)

Now I want the spinach soup!! That sounds delicious!

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