The Before Photo

Day 1: The Before Photo

Date:  Wednesday August 7, 2013
Weigh in:  340 lbs. How did I get here?
Exercise Report:  Pathetic.  15 Hilarious Jumping Jacks, 15 Poorly formed situps, 15 sec leg plank thing, 15 sec back plank thing, 15 sec wall sit.
Pounds lost: 0
Healthy food decisions: Supper:  Teriyaki Salmon with Asparagus, thanks to my amazingly supportive fiance.
Not so healthy food decisions:  My secret peanut butter pop tart at 9:45 this morning.

So this is where it all starts.  Actually, to be fair, it has been rolling for a few days now, but today it actually feels real.  Because I took a before photo.

We’ve all seen them:  Those sad looking people on the left side of a before and after.  Mine is no exception.  Here’s what they don’t tell you about taking the before photo:

– Finding wardrobe is difficult.  I don’t usually wear things that reveal my body.  In fact, I make a point to dress to make my body look better.  I noticed most of these were in a sports bra and shorts.  I don’t own a sports bra, so I settled on a tank top that I folded halfway up.  And shorts… I wasn’t sure I owned any until I found the pair I wear as pajamas.

-The before photo might just be the biggest motivator for the process.  Not because I look at it and think “Wow!  I’m ugly!” but because I think of all the people who have taken before pictures and never lost enough weight to justify an after picture.  Then you just have  some photos of yourself… standing around being fat…  So that’s awkward.  But here it is.  My before photo.  I can only call it that if I have an after photo.

-I was pretty horrified.  I obviously was aware I was fat.  I know what I look like.  But to see my body without any strategically placed clothing…. well it was a shock.

So… it’s time.

And my workout story for today:  Well, not much of one.  I was THWARTED.  I have chosen Anytime Fitness because my BFF goes there, and working out is going to be something we do together.  ANYWAY.  So even though the fitness is anytime, the hours when there are staff there to sign you up appear to be few and far between.  I figured I would be totally fine going to the one near my work 40 minutes before work.  But there was a sign on the door stating “Be right back!” and the hands on the little paper clock said 2:30.  This was at 12:20, so I thought perhaps the employee had forgotten to change the hour hand, because surely you can’t just take a freaking 2 hour break in the middle of the day.  So I waited until 12:45… and they weren’t coming.   So no fitness pass yet, but that wasn’t an excuse not to exercise.

Today was the first time I attempted (note the usage of the word) to exercise in a very long time… and it didn’t go well.  I started off by doing 15 jumping jacks, feeling like an absolute fool the whole time.  Who just does jumping jacks in their house?  Anyway, my boobs did not like said exercise.  They slapped me around a bit.

Then there were 15 situps… I guess you can call them that in the sense that I lay on the floor and sat up 15 times because I was too much of a pussy to do the real situps.

Then I thought about these exercises we used to do in volleyball where you hover your legs a few inches over the ground for a few seconds.  So I did that for 15 and then the same with my back off the ground for 15 seconds.

Finally I did a wall sit.  My legs were shaking so badly, I wondered if I had gone epileptic.

People talk about humble beginnings.  If by humble, you mean shitty but passable, then this is about as humble as it gets.  Hopefully after awhile I will just look at this post and laugh and say “OMG!  Could I really not do those few simple exercises?”

So you have to start somewhere, and I sure as fuck did better than I did yesterday.  So even though my exercise can be summed up as “Two humiliating minutes,”  I’m gonna call it a win.  Because I got up and did it.  Which is a start.

So, it starts today!



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Tiffany P. R. (3 years ago)

Go get your goals, Ashley!! It is not easy to change your way of living, but so worth it!

    eventuallyformerfatty (3 years ago)

    I agree. I know it will be worth it in the long run. And I’m a grownup now, so thinking more long term is a responsibility that comes with the territory.

    Thanks for the support!

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